Molecular NeuroBiology lab @ KBRI Dissecting Learning and Memory!

neuroglia interaction

Finding differences


Based on basic findings about molecular mechanisms regulating normal cognitive functions, we aim to explore key mechanisms related with neurodegenerative diseases. By identifying certain mechanisms altered in the diseased circuits when compared to neuro-glia interactions in the normal neural circuits, our study will provide basic ideas for better diagnosing tools or treatments.

Another "star" player in the field: astrocyte


Proper regulation of neural circuit formation/elimination & plasticity is essential for normal cognitive functions including learning and memory.
We are focusing on the role of glia cells, astrocytes, in regulating "neural synapses" in functional and structural levels.
In addition, we are also interested in identifying novel molecular factors mediating neuron-glia interaction, which is involved in long-term synaptic plasticity and learning & memory processes.